Noon Eastern  |  17:00 UK
Sunday, May 19
A 60-minute Zoom Circle the third Sunday of every month 
Step off the wheel of relentless achievement.
Come inside to reflect, restore, replenish and reset.
A Creative Oasis in the Desert of Doing
  • Are you a smart, creative achiever who longs for something more?
  • Do you wish to take your turn even while people you love still struggle?
  • Do you ever feel isolated, stagnant or unfocused in your expression?
  • Do you crave a quiet space where you can honor your own calling? 
  • Do you yearn for a community where you are truly seen and heard?
What do you long for?
If you are...
In this session you will find...
Sacred space to honor what matters most to you
To take time and space for yourself. Come, be present, get quiet, reflect, journal, share, listen and be witnessed for what matters most to you.
Can't finish your work, are stuck in the status quo, unclear about your next step, too busy to hear yourself think, or craving a caring community...
A writer, musician, visual artist, change maker, social entrepreneur, or heart-centered creative...
And you...
This circle invites you...
Shared silence to relax your busy mind
Vulnerable sharing to restore your weary heart
Expressive arts to replenish your creative spirit
Journal writing to refocus your intentional energy
A community of committed, compassionate creatives
Come experience a unique virtual space where technology facilitates intimacy. 
Technology connects us. And yet we feel alone.
I am an international strategic creativity coach, creative process facilitator, and author of The Wheel of Creativity®. I help creative people navigate the paralyzing mysteries of the creative process to complete their big vision projects, transforming the quality of their lives through consistently doing the work they're called to do. After 20 years as an award-winning professional writer/producer in Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, I changed my life completely. Five years before Elizabeth Gilbert published Eat Pray Love, I left the USA on my own solo walkabout, which led me to write my book and begin coaching people around the world. I learned what it takes to leave the status quo of your life and go after what you really want, overcome the fears and self-talk that keep you stuck, create the work you've always been afraid to, and design and live a life that nourishes your soul. Your Hunger for “more than this” is sacred. It launches a creative cycle that leads you to back to yourself. The creative journey is not only what you produce, it is the process of becoming who you are. Join us.
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